Faculty Members

According to information corresponding to 2013, regarding actuary’s bachelor degree program, there was a total of 193 professors, from which 180 are partial time teachers, 12 full time and 1 half time. In 2016 this numbers changed as following: more than 200 subject teachers, 18 full time an 1 half time. In this numbers, professors that teach subjects like algebra and calculus are not considered.

It is important for the actuarial program to have professors from both academical and professional environments.

In order to guarantee a good academical formation, the bachelor’s program is supported by professors of the UNAM’s Mathematics Department, Institute of Mathematics and the Institute for Research in Applied Mathematics and Systems.

Regarding professors on the professional environment, they come from different institutions, both from the private and public sectors, such as Banco de Mexico, INEGI (National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics), PEMEX (mexican petroleum company), the Insurance and Surety National Commission (CNSF), Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), and banks, stockbrokers, pension and insurance consulting agencies, among others. The main criteria for assigning a course is that the candidate works on the subject’s area.


Dra. Ana Meda Guardiola
Dra. Ma. Asunción Begoña Fernández Fernández
Dr. Fernando Baltazar Larios
Dr. Sergio Iván López Ortega
Dr. Yuri Salazar Flores
Dr. Luis Antonio Rincón Solís
Act. Jaime Vázquez Alamilla
Dra. Ruth Selene Fuentes García
Mat. Margarita Elvira Chávez Cano
M. en C. José Antonio Flores Díaz
Dra. María del Pilar Alonso Reyes
Dra. Guillermina Eslava Gómez
M. en I.O. María del Carmen Hernández Ayuso
M. en C. Inocencio Rafael Madrid Ríos
M. en C. Jesús Agustín Cano Garcés
Dra. Claudia Orquídea López Soto
Act. Francisco Sánchez Villarreal
Dra. Bibiana Obregón Quintana
Dra. Lizbeth Naranjo Albarrán