The Faculty of Sciences counts with  classrooms in different buildings, the oldest are the “O” and “P” buildings, in between them is the Alberto Barajas Celis auditorium with 450 chairs.

The faculty building called Tlahuizcalpan (place where light is born), inaugurated in 2004, has 552 square meters reserved for graduates. This building also counts with a computer room and statistics, operations investigations, finance, demographics and actuary workshop.

In 2013 activities started in the Yelizcalli building, it counts with 16 classrooms with an average capacity for 50 students each, four computer rooms, which can hold approximately 80 students each, besides, a new auditory has been made available. In 2015 another building with classrooms was inaugurated.

Besides all of the mentioned above, there are over 300 computers for faculty’s graduates to use, without considering those destined for the Computational Science’s students nor those in the workshops mentioned previously.

We also count with the Amoxcalli (place of the codex or the books) building, which holds the library, three auditoriums, an amphitheater and various lecture halls with cutting-edge technology for exhibitions, videoconferences, etc.