National Organizations and Societies

Colegio Nacional de Actuarios A.C.

Founded November 16, 1966 in Mexico City, under the name COLEGIO DE ACTUARIOS DE MÉXICO, A.C.


The CONAC is the integrational organization for actuaries with all kinds of specializations, including the Mexican Actuarial Society and the Mexican Actuarial Consulting Association. As an IAA member, those guilded are automatically members of the IAA as well and are in charge of ensuring high quality study programs on the 19 universities that offer a degree in actuarial sciences, along with said universities representatives, they seek to align their programs to IAA’s syllabus

Asociación Mexicana de Actuarios A.C.

Founded on 1962, the AMA is the oldest professional association within the insurance sector and is currently one of the guild’s main representatives before international authorities and organizations.


Aiming to promote, spread and participate in actuary’s professional development nationwide, the AMA organizes conferences, speeches and monthly events, directed towards updating, preparing, and uniting the guilded. Likewise, a congress is organized every two years where national and international speakers participates with up-to-date themes and discussion forums.

Asociación Mexicana de Actuarios Consultores

Founded on July 1982, it focuses on the field of social previsions and employer’s benefits.


Association’s members actively collaborate by counseling state authorities regarding how funds should be structured for deductibility and to finance antiquity primes.

It thrives towards defining, updating, promoting and observing that all of actuary’s professional practice principles are obeyed.

To achieve their objectives, CONAC, AMA and AMAC stablished a certification process for actuaries that wish to work on areas regarding insurance, finance and benefit plans.