ASTIN Bulletin

It is IAA’s oficial magazine, it is published by Cambridge University in January, May and September.

It contains articles related to all branches of actuarial sciences, among them are actuarial mathematics, statistics, probability, financial mathematics, econometrics, insurance, pensions, finances and new areas of interest for the actuarial profession worldwide, just as open problems that have risen in practice.

The Australian Actuarial Journal

It publishes articles related with actuarial science and is mainly directed to Australia, New Zeland and asian countries. The volumes are available at:

European Actuarial Journal

It publishes articles related to investigation and practice in classical topics such as actuarial mathematics, life and non-life insurance, pensions, reinsurance and in more modern topics such as risk management, files management, management of assets and liabilities, solvency, catastrophe modeling, longevity, among others.

American Risk and Insurance Association

It annually gathers discussions about articles related to actuarial science, available at:



It publishes over 2,500 magazines, from which many are based in topics related to business and management. Available at:

The North American Actuarial Journal (NAAJ)

This is where most of the SOA’s publications come from, the NAAJ scientifically discusses national and international problems and is consulted by scientists, academics, and business managers worldwide, which makes it the most widely distributed journal.

Scandinavian Actuarial Journal

Published by Taylor & Francis Group in representation of the Danish Actuarial Society, Finnish Actuarial Society, Norwegian Actuarial Society and the Swedish Actuarial Society.

In general, it publishes about topics related to mathematical methods for insurance based on probability theory, statistics, operations investigation, numerical analysis, computational science, demographics, mathematical economics or any other area of applied mathematics.


A magazine published by the Casualty Actuarial Society.

It’s focus is in both practical and original investigation topics related with actuarial science.

British Actuarial Journal (BAJ)

This journal contains articles presented to the investigations program of the institute and faculty of actuaries, likewise, it contains documents of professional interest. It is published in March, July and September.

The Actuary Magazine

A bimestral magazine published by the Society of Actuaries, it contains articles centered in all areas of actuarial sciences, educational initiatives by the SOA, tendencies in international commerce and interviews with actuaries that are showing the way for new areas of practice.

The Actuary

This is the profession’s main publishing source in the United Kingdom, published in London in the name of the Staple Inn Actuarial Society.


A bimestral magazine centered in actuarial profession, its articles focus on topics such as social securities, insurance regulation, risk management, presentation management, among others.

South African Actuarial Journal

An annual magazine published in South Africa by the Actuarial Society of South Africa. Its articles are centered in topics of actuarial investigation relevant to South Africa. It is available at: